Fudge Gift Sets

We make a decadently delicious range of fudge gift sets for you to buy online.


Cornish fudge makes a great gift for foodies, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and just because! Plus, we can deliver all over the UK and Europe too – we hear our Cornish fudge is very popular in Germany…


We have three favourite fudge gift sets available to buy online. Each comes with a trio of Cornish fudge in a variety of flavours and a tote bag.


Summer Selection Fudge Gift Set

Perfect for summer our Summer Selection fudge gift set contains three delicious, award-winning flavours: Limoncello fudge, Clotted cream fudge and Strawberry and clotted cream fudge.


Copperpot limoncello fudge might be made in St Ives, but was inspired by a wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Summer 2017. Originally made as a bespoke batch as wedding favours for family friends the resounding delight at the Limoncello flavour inspired production. The Italian Limoncello creates a zesty zing to the sweet butter fudge. The crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture combined with the citrusy hit of lemon makes this flavour easy to enjoy.


Our award-winning clotted cream fudge is made with the best Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream giving our fudge a creamy, delicious taste. Rodda’s Creamery began in 1890 when a great-great-grandmother started making Cornish clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen in the heart of Cornwall. Over 120 years on, Rodda’s are still crafting it the same way, by gently baking rich local cream until it’s thick, unctuous and thoroughly dollopable. We add a generous dollop to each box of rather moreish Clotted Cream Fudge for a veritable taste of Cornwall.


Strawberries and cream – could there be a more summery taste? Copperpot fudge is a contemporary twist on a classic summer staple; the smooth savoury taste of clotted cream combines with the delicate sweetness of strawberry and the indulgent, crumbly melt-in-your-mouth texture of Cornish fudge.




St Ives Fudge Gift Set

Unashamedly inspired by our beautifully envious seaside location, our St Ives fudge gift set includes all the best bits of the Cornish beach: Clotted cream fudge, Salted caramel fudge and our classic butter fudge.


Cornish Sea Salt is harvested fresh from the sea, just eight metres from the salt house.  The combination of the purest waters and the Lizard’s rare geology gives Cornish sea salt a complexity and intensity of flavour, as well as a mineral richness that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Copperpot salted caramel fudge has a tantalizingly tingly taste sensation!


Our Butter Fudge has a crumbly texture and a wonderfully buttery taste, creating a “melt in your mouth” experience. Made using the very best ingredients, this simple yet sublime fudge flavour will be a firm family favourite. Made using Cornish butter this classic confectionery is a true treat a nostalgic taste of Cornish holidays.

St Ives Fudge Gift Pack

Classic Confectionery Gift Set

Finally, our Classic Confectionery fudge gift set is for the traditional sweet lover. Luxuriously crafted confectionery, beautifully packaged and delivered from our Cornish kitchen – perfect! We have included our classic range including clotted cream fudge, butter fudge and our decadent chocolate honeycomb.


We’re yet to meet someone who doesn’t adore our luxuriously indulgent Chocolate Covered Honeycomb. Artfully crafted chucks of golden honeycomb are simply smothered in creamy milk chocolate and drizzled in artisanal white chocolate to create a crunchy, chocolatey nugget which have proved deliciously moreish. We’re serious about our ingredients, provenance and quality come first, so our chocolate is sourced from Cocoa Horizons supported farms making our take on decadency an ethical choice.


These large chucks of honeycomb are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea mid-afternoon.


Our honeycomb is naturally gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

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