Based in the stunning Cornish town of St Ives, Copperpot Originals is an international confectionery business that has been serving up sweet treats since 1978, when Ken and Doreen Brian opened their first fudge shop.

It was granny who tried and tested the first fudge recipe, as created by her son David in a traditional copper pot on the family stove.

David’s chef training in London, coupled with granny’s tasting expertise, was the key to developing the first batch. This recipe is still the cornerstone of the business today.

In the original shop, there were 32 flavours on offer and fudge was chopped and bagged as customers waited. As the product became associated with quality and taste, demand for a delicious, authentic Cornish fudge increased and the family moved into bigger premises.

Granny has now retired, however David, who is the Managing Director, now works alongside his son, Mark, Commercial Director, and together they represent three generations of confectionery connoisseurs in Cornwall.

Practice makes perfect…

Copper has a long history as the best metal for cooking, especially for fudge, owing to its excellent conductive properties. Copperpot Originals range of fudge is now made in a bespoke kitchen where the product is batch-cooked and cooled on racks, then hand-broken.

It’s the expert timings, precise temperatures and superb ingredients that make our fudge so much more than a seaside souvenir. Three generations of expertise means that we’ve crafted a premium product that’s perfect for gifting, indulgence and as an ingredient in every discerning chef’s kitchen.